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              Creativity-Focused Individual Psychotherapy

    In creativity-focused therapy we’ll work with whatever blocks or challenges may be keeping you from a more creative life, or from going deeper into your ongoing creative path or work.  My approach to nurturing creativity comes from Expressive Arts Therapy, Depth Psychotherapy, Eco-psychology and my background as a professional artist as well as a therapist.

                    Art Therapy


    Imagery and expressive arts can be valuable tools in the psychotherapy process, as images are often powerful representatives of parts of our psyche. If you’re interested in art therapy, perhaps verbal expression is difficult, or doing art just calls to you as the way to best contact your inner experience, or you just want to try something creative and see what happens. You may be sensing how we often know things through images, on a pre-verbal level, before we’re able to say them in words. Art therapy offers a way to tap into this inner resource, as well as to draw on authenticity, playfulness and energy, to address serious and problematic issues.

   Much of my work with art therapy and creativity comes from my background as a professional artist as well as a therapist.  To see my own artwork click here. But this link will take you away from this website.