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              “Creative Depths”:  An Art Salon for Therapists

The Art Salon will be a  place and time to meet with other therapists, to share and receive in-depth feedback and discussion about personal art projects you’re currently working on, or want to begin as part of the art salon. Projects can be in any in any medium, including the written word, paint, sculpture or music.

Bi-weekly for 6 Thursday evenings,  7:30-9:00 pm. 

Please call or email for starting date and other info.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

     These classes teach skills for preventing the recurrence of depression or anxiety, how to achieve greater choice over emotions and maintain a positive mood on a daily basis. Please contact me to arrange a brief telephone conversation if you’re interested in registering for a class.  Emailed questions about the classes are also welcome.

Exploring Identity and Passion: A 6 week Expressive Arts Support Group for Girls 15-19

This will be a small, intimate group for girls wanting an in-depth focus on developing their unique self identity.  We’ll use multiple creative forms including visual art, poetry, music, movement and journal or diary writing.  We’ll touch on themes of  personal style, “calling”,  family history, personal “gifts”, nature and culture. Creative expression  will be integrated with group discussion and support.

Dates and Time:  Thursdays,  Late afternoon  (TBA)  

Place:   376 Colusa Ave., Kensington (at the Colusa Circle)