Licensed Clinical Psychologist

                  Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy     

                               Depth Psychotherapy




                                                                        1760 Solano Ave., Berkeley, CA 94707  




I Work With:

Depression                                          Grief                                       Stress

Bipolar Disorder                                 Relationship                           Trauma / PTSD

Anxiety / Panic                                  Career                                     Dissociative Disorders                    

My Approach Blends Mindfulness and Depth Psychotherapy:

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence based process for developing awareness of thoughts as they arise, recognizing how they affect emotions, and developing a capacity to choose the thoughts and emotions that will lead to mental health and well-being. Thoughts often arise as  habitual, automatic responses that lead to painful or negative emotions and behaviors. By becoming more mindful of our thoughts, it becomes possible to break free of these negative thought patterns and their consequent emotions. Mindfulness is one part of individual psychotherapy, and it can sometimes bring relief and positive change in a short period of time.

Depth Psychotherapy involves discovering and understanding the (sometimes unconscious) roots of emotional  and psychological problems, so that healing and growth can take place. As your therapist, I’ll be supporting  you and gently guiding you on a path that will help you reach your goals.  Often, this process will lead to finding meaning, identity, self-worth or other elements of inner emotional strength and stability.